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Friendly Clerk, Love the Hotel.

Jenna & Bryant H.

Excellent Rating - Just Amazing

Steve D.

We felt welcomed from the minute we walked in, Wonderful Stay

Sue & Doug W.

We stayed during snow storm-everyone took care of us!!!

Dave & Kathy F.

I thank you very much for the time in your Inn. I will let others know who are traveling, Boulders is an excellent place to stay.
I appreciate everything.


Extremely Happy & satisfied with the facilities cleanliness, services & friendliness if the staff. Fantastic Hotel.

Javier L.

Felt like home Thank You

Max & Matt

Excellent staff, Clean Room, Good Price. Nice place to stay - Will recommend

Steve G.

Friendly staff makes you feel like family.

Lake Z.

Having coffee early AM! Much Appreciated.

Lynn B.

This is an amazing hotel! I love the newness and hospitality. Thx.

Nichole N.


Brian O.

Fantastic Staff! Thank you so much, a needed rest on a snowy night.


Stopped here based on internet reviews. Wow! Huge room, most wonderful bed, AND a jacuzzi tub, oh and a tiny coffee counter w Keurig. The best surprise and loveliest night's stay after a long drive on a crappy snowy night in Iowa. Another plus and this is just my own personal thing, but the yogurt at breakfast was a random off brand and SO GOOD LOL! So much better than the usual. Only complaint was the excessively loud Fox news blasting over the breakfast counter. I'll be back through this part of the country in the fall and plan on staying here again...maybe twice!! Thanks so much!

Robin Sweeney

Exceptional & friendly staff, clean & comfortable accommodations, and tasty breakfast with a variety of selections. I actually forgot my favorite slippers there, and they were so kind to ship back to me in California! Thank you!


The staff is excellent and beds and rooms are very comfortable.

Boulders Guest

One of the cleanest and friendliest hotel chains I have the pleasure of dealing with.

Boulders Guest

The Boulders Hotel is a great addition to the Maryville area.! On a recent stay I was amazed at the friendliness of the staff, comfort of the beds but most of all the overall level of care that they showed to my family and I.

Greg P.

Our visits to the Boulders ,location in Monticello have been refreshing and comforting. The breakfast was hot and the staff was attentive without being pushy. The room was ready early and was comfortable. We had a restful night and got back on the road ready to finish our trip.
We are glad to have found this brand.

Boulders Guest

Hubby and I stayed at the Newton, IA hotel and it was AMAZING. Very accommodating, clean, friendly, and location was a plus. I would highly recommend staying here if you are ever out there. We will be going in May 2018 again and we didn't even consider anywhere else but here to stay.

Boulders Guest

I stumbled across this hotel while at my daughter's event in the Newton, Iowa area. The cleanliness of the property and the friendliness of the staff would always bring me back here if ever in that area.

Kim B.

Angie and her staff at the Newton boulder inn and suites are awesome! they go above and beyond to make all aspects of our stay excellent.

Roxanne B.

Boulders Denison locations are fantastic! Always clean, staff is very helpful no matter what your requests may be.

Dana I.

We have, after two stays @ Boulders Oak Ridge, Denison, found them to be very clean, offering a well-rounded breakfast, excellent Wi-Fi service, and generally easy to get to and beside a restaurant that was very good. We will stay again.

Virginia and Gary M.

When traveling through Iowa or looking for a place to play golf & relax, the Denison area is picturesque and the Boulders two properties provide easy access to both.

Boulders Guest

When visiting friends and family in Atlantic, Iowa, my husband and I always book a a room at Boulders Inn. We are always comfortable there. Rooms are nice and clean and the beds are very comfortable. The staff is accommodating and the property is well kept. We highly recommend it.

J. M.

Have never had an issue with staying at Boulders. The one in Atlantic, Iowa is close to all the places we go when we travel to that area. Friendly staff, clean rooms and easy to book.

Boulders Guest

Boulders Inn is friendly, clean and comfortable. It is conveniently located on Black Hawk Lake and easy to get to.

Boulder Guest

This is a wonderful Motel. The Lobby is so impressive. It represents Manning & Templeton. The staff is so friendly and helpful with anything your want. Wish we had a reason to go back to Manning more often When we do go back to Manning we will stay at Manning Boulders, if we can get in.

Boulders Guest

We have been so thankful for the Boulders Inn in Manning. We occasionally have family events in the area, and this Inn is convenient, very clean, nicely priced, and the staff is always wonderful.

Boulders Guest

Very friendly staff. Clean rooms. Will definitely be back!

Boulders Guest

Wonderful addition to the community and very accommodating to our business needs.

Boulders Guest

Boulder's friendly staff is accommodating and a great place to reserve rooms for our out of town guests!

Scott G.

Excellent service, staff, and accommodations. Highly recommended.

Boulders Guest

Boulders Inn is the only hotel I would ever stay at in Manning Iowa. The staff and the rooms are second to none. Well done!

Toby M.

This is one of the nicest organizations Boulders that we have used in the past few years we are always very pleased is very clean and the personnel is always very helpful we recommend this place to everyone we talk to that needs to travel in an area where the boulders are.

Clyde B.

My elderly parents were staying with us at the hotel. The beds are very high. Before I asked, the staff offered to lower the bed, and have a recliner they have on hand brought into the room. It meant to much to us. I have stayed in several locations and the staff has been helpful, accommodating and will go above and beyond in all of them.

Maureen H.

Our experience with staying at Boulders Inn & Suites has been very pleasant - we will continue to use this business whenever possible when we travel.

Boulders Guest

My wife and I have stayed at Boulders several times and love the stay. Thanks.

Glen M.

Always satisfactory stays. I have never slept in a more comfortable bed. The staff members are friendly & accommodating!

Boulders Guest

We stayed at Boulders in Denison for a local Basketball Tournament. The beds were so comfortable! I also loved the layout of the family room, it had extra room for our busy toddler to run around.

Boulders Guest

While taking business trips I always enjoyed going to Boulders because the staff was friendly and the hotel was clean. It was nice to know that I would have a nice room waiting for me at the end of a long day.

Janet G.

Thrilled to have a hotel the caliber of Boulders Inn & Suites build in my hometown. It's lovely, clean & a wonderful breakfast is provided.

Boulders Guest

When traveling I always enjoy staying at Boulders. It's like being at home with the staff and facilities. They work very hard to treat you like you important and welcome. The Boulders family of locations are at the top of my list of places to stay.

Mick J.

Great place to Stay. Clean. Quiet. Friendly. This is were we stay when we come to see our parents and also when I come for my class reunion. We also hold our class reunion on the premises. They are very accommodating.

Donna R.

I booked the king suite to get ready with a bachelorette party. It was perfectly sized and we had a great time. It was close to where we were going as well.

Boulders Guest

Though my nearby childhood home is no longer available to me, staying at the Boulders Inn is still like going home with all the nearby good food and helpful, friendly staff.

Lindsay S.

We have stayed at three different Boulders and all have been consistent. Great customer service and cleanliness.

Boulders Guest

I always stay at Boulders when in Atlantic, Denison or Newton. Many times I travel with another technical service person, they always stay at Boulders also. The rice crispy bars are the GREATEST!!!!! Rooms are clean and modern, the people make me feel at home. It's a great place to stay!

Boulders Guest

I love the staff at boulders. How clean the rooms are. It's hard to stay in a hotel for me wondering if it's clean. It always seems clean to my standards. They have great breakfast. Price is very reasonable. Location is also great!! Close to restaurants and stores but far enough from interstate. Have stayed here for multiple weddings including my own. I reserved blocks for my wedding and everyone was happy with the rooms!!

Tess P.

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Hotel reviews and comments were submitted by guests of Boulders Inn & Suites Hotels. Some reviews were posted indicating a stay at more than one location. Not all information relates to every location. Please visit the specific hotel website to find out more about each hotel.