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I just wanted to let you know that I have stayed with you one night a week for the past 4 weeks and will miss next week but then have to come to Ft. Madison for work once per week again for the next couple of months.  I have never been able to sleep well in a motel.  I have been sleeping great at your inn.  The beds are the most comfortable that I have ever come across in a motel.  Although I haven't needed much your staff has also been great!

Thank you,

Jeff B

It was very nice!

Brooke F.

Very nice staff! They brought in a hideaway bed due to I couldn’t get up on the bed itself due to height. But the hideaway was very comfortable. Thank you so much!

Felicia M.

Awesome Staff, very informative and kind!

Debra W.

Staff was awesome and very accommodating! Thank you all!

Patricia M.

...the gals even fixed my glasses! The Lens came out so they re-screwed the frames.


Consistent attitude of Manager and Staff. Excellent customer Service!

Myra J.

"5 Stars"

Dever Family

"Beautiful room with amazing and helpful staff! Definitely will return!"


Nice Staff

Boulders Guest

The service was 5 star all around – wonderful, wonderful staff!!

Donna T.

We lost our home to a fire, thank you so much for your help. Very good employees, very welcoming and supportive.

Bobbie C.

The beds were excellent, the room immaculate!  Beautiful – thank you!

Kimber G.

Felt very welcome!  Received my congrats on our wedding!

Mr. & Mrs. N.

Cleanliness was phenomenal – great people at all points!

Laura C.

Wonderful place & staff!

Brenda D.

Desk clerk, Anna, and Emily and Kathy, went above and beyond finding info on the mattress, (I slept better and had more restful sleep the 3 nights here than a month on our mattress at home), what type, the manufacturer, etc., even procuring a card with Simmons info for me.  Everyone was very congenial, thoughtful – gee, that kind of attentiveness is rare these days – and so appreciated!  Even the women of housekeeping were helpful and very friendly!  Thank you for such a nice stay!

Donna & Gary B.
I would like to let you know how much my husband and I appreciated the staff
at Boulders during our stay last week. We came to visit family in Fort
Madison (we are from Chicago) and found ourselves arriving earlier than
anticipated. We were given an early check in immediately and there was
coffee in the common area ready to grab and go. How lovely! The room was
quiet and clean. We had a delightful time with our family and were able to
come back to Boulders and relax.
Many thanks to your front desk staff for being friendly and helpful. This is
our second time staying at Boulders and we will be back. 
Thank you all!
Jean C.

So much nicer than I would have guessed. May be my new hideaway!


We will be back! Wonderful stay, clean comfortable room, good breakfast. Very impressed!

Boulders Guest

Wow, better than a 4 Star hotel. Beds are so comfortable!


Great stay, you made us feel like Family! And so clean

Boulders Guest

Thanks Team, you have made my stay here feel like I was with friends and Relatives

Boulders Guest

We will stay again! Everyone made our stay enjoyable. We were in IA for funeral.


Such a beautiful place to stay. Very friendly.


Great Staff, service and food is great. Recommend to anyone.


I could smell how clean it was. Very good for someone who likes a clean room.


Everything was exceptional! Will definitely spread great words to others.

Jon & Melanie

One of the nicest places I’ve stayed at. Staff was great.”

Marjorie R.

One of the best!


Excellent!  From the front desk staff to the room!  Thank you!


Thank you to the Boulders staff for making us feel at home during our difficult time.


Extremely friendly staff! Very clean!  You could tell people enjoyed their jobs!


You went above and beyond!  We love coming here!


Loved the hotel!  It was clean and more than exceeded our expectations!


Thank you for such a clean room! We enjoyed our stay!


Excellent beds, great sheets, and great towels!


Very good experience!  Thank you!


Great staff, bed, and water pressure. Nice property.


The staff was top notch, like staying with best friends.

Jonathan L.

Great breakfast. Clean & comfortable room. Coffee!!

Amber C.

Very clean! Well maintained! The Keurig coffee pot was a nice feature.

Mike R.

Excellent & caring front desk staff. Excellent Staff!

Terry D.

Thank You SO much; for a clean room & a comfortable bed. Teaching a 3 day (10 hr per day) seminar can be very tiring!! Having a clean room, quiet environment, & a comfortable bed to relax in; is not just nice to have, it’s paramount.

Dusty S.

Better than the Hilton in Washington DC where I just drove from.

Douglas R.

This is what every hotel room should be.


Loved the room! Best room I have ever stayed in!

Kim P.

Wonderful Nights Stay & Exceptional Breakfast.

Bethany H.

Exceptional. Comfortable Beds, Kind & Welcoming Staff

Tyson L.

You are a Diamond in the Rough of Denison, First Class.


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Hotel reviews and comments were submitted by guests of Boulders Inn & Suites Hotels. Some reviews were posted indicating a stay at more than one location. Not all information relates to every location. Please visit the specific hotel website to find out more about each hotel.