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Manchester, IA - Fall 2018

My elderly parents were staying with us at the hotel. The beds are very high. Before I asked, the staff offered to lower the bed, and have a recliner they have on hand brought into the room. It meant to much to us. I have stayed in several locations and the staff has been helpful, accommodating and will go above and beyond in all of them.

Maureen H.

"The bed was the most comfortable in all my travels. Very spacious rooms."

Nathan H.

I like that Boulders brings a big city-upscale hotel stay to smaller communities. My stays have always been pleasant and comfortable.

Michael R.

This is one of the nicest organizations Boulders that we have used in the past few years we are always very pleased is very clean and the personnel is always very helpful we recommend this place to everyone we talk to that needs to travel in an area where the boulders are.

Clyde B.

You went above and beyond to get us the perfect stay. :)

Travis W

We have been so thankful for the Boulders Inn in Manning. We occasionally have family events in the area, and this Inn is convenient, very clean, nicely priced, and the staff is always wonderful.

Boulders Guest

Having coffee early AM! Much Appreciated.

Lynn B.

We just stayed at Boulders Inn & Suites in Milford this past weekend and it was awesome! The rooms were wonderful and the staff very helpful and accommodating as we used the lobby area to gather for some meals and opening presents. This is a top-notch facility and I would highly recommend it! Thanks Boulders!

Dawn L.

"Exceeded I had to work from 4pm - 10pm and you let me check in at 2pm so I could nap and shower you did not have to do that & I really appreciate it. I'll be back! Cookies too!"

Larry L.

This is an amazing hotel! I love the newness and hospitality. Thx.

Nichole N.

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