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     “Excellent Hotel”

    We stayed at this hotel last night while traveling I-80 in Iowa because of reviews on Trip Advisor. It is very nicely furnished and clean. The bed is probably the best I've slept in at a hotel. The bathroom was very clean and roomy. The breakfast room is nice and also clean. I highly recommend this hotel!      

    - As seen on TripAdvisor

    "The beds are amazing! I had the best sleep that I have ever had in a hotel."

    - Anonymous

    "We just fell in love with the hotel. We traveled all night and were able to check in early!"

    - Lisa G.

    "Very nice stay-excellent staff. Thank you!"

    - Les D.

    "The cleanliness is exceptional and will keep me coming back while traveling for business!"

    - Dan D.

    "Wonderfully accommodating and friendly!"

    - Sherry R.

    "My favorite hotel! They truly take care of me when I stay. Thanks"

    - Theresa D.

    "Wonderful Inn and would definitely stay again."

    - Bonnie S.

    "Very clean room, comfortable beds and cookies in the lobby- what more could we ask for? We’ll be back!"

    - Lori E.

    "The bed was the most comfortable in all my travels. Very spacious rooms."

    - Nathan H.

    "The receptionist was excellent! Very nice and helpful!"

    - Eric P.

    Hotel reviews are comments submitted by guests of Boulders Inn & Suites Hotels. Some reviews were posted indicating a stay at more than one location. Not all information relates to every location. Please visit the specific hotel website to find out more about each hotel.

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