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When we stayed there, there was never anyone behind the desk-we left to go get ice cream around 8:00 pm and a girl was lounging on a chair, feet up, on a cell phone. She was still there when we came back-smiled at us. Don't know if that was the help? The next morning I went down for breakfast-I said to the girl working-looks like more people coming in and she just said mpf/never did speak-when we left the motel room-still no one at the desk-a different girl by the food then, and a sign to ring bell-we just left-just felt that anyone that wanted to come thru the front door could without anyone knowing-very different from our usual stays in any other motel. Just thought you should know in case the help was sitting/practically lying on the chair, and when I called to book a room-it took at least 3 calls at night to book it-need an answering machine maybe if staff isn't at the desk? Thanks for listening. Lori Morey

Lori Morey